M E E T  T H E  M O U S T A C H I O S . . .

It has been said that you don't choose your moustache but it chooses you.

Meet some of the moustachios....

Classic Moustachio


The most traditional of the Moustachios, the old and trusted classic is refined yet vibrant with undertones of cheese. 

Classic moustachio can be accompanied by a matching greeting card and is also available in brown. 

Be careful not to get crumbs in your moustachio.

The Stroker


The stroker oozes wisdom and integrity. Said to provoke profound comtemplation and philosophical inspiration to those who drink from it or stroke it.

This moustachio is perfectly complemented by a deep, sophisticated claret of a good year.

Disclaimer: Moustachio Glassio cannot be held responsible for overwhelming power of thought provoked by the stroker.

Brown Mouse


Mr (or Mrs) Brown Mouse is your ordinary, run of the mill moustache.

Mousey in colour and simple in style, this moustachio is recommended for every day wear, or those who wish to blend into the crowd. Pale and interesting, Brown Mouse is friendly, reliable and never steals the limelight.

Perfect for weddings and parties, when you don't want to steal the moustachio glory of the bride/groom/birthday boy. Also a great idea for the workplace - if you're the boss this moustachio will show your subordinates that you are a friendly character who can be relied on.

Not recommended for first dates or on-stage performances.

Mini Moustachios

The Moustachio Glassio answer to the Three Amigos!

If your tipple is a small sherry, a drop of port, or a dash of Drambuie this petit set of teeny glasses is a perfect alternative, or complement, to the more traditional wine glass Moustachio.

Available individually, in brown and in a variety of styles. Pictured here (from left to right) are Midget Moustachio, Mini Me Moustachio and Pequeno Lorenzo.

These are friendly guys but don't pick a fight with them after a couple of jaegers.

What's My Name Again...?

This moustachio serves a dual purpose. The suave sophistication of a classic moustache (or make your choice of style) coupled with the name, or nickname, of your choice.

Available in a paired gift set for the perfect wedding or anniversary gift. His 'n' Hers, Mr & Mrs, Hers 'n' Hers or His 'n' His.

Ideal for situations where new people are mixing, ensure no one forgets your name with this wonderful alternative to a name badge. Handy for singles nights, and perfect for speed-dating ♥